Yubu – Serious gaming for Study and Career Orientation (SCO)

Yubu, from our Call 3 winners Be Involved, is the online career platform for students, mentors and teachers. This digital innovation offers students a variety of features such as serious games, tests and enabling commands to enhance study and career choices.

In addition to the fun and active commands and games, it is suitable for students of all levels and grades, offers customization for each student, and information is all in one place with progression visible at a glance.

The first version was launched in August 2015, with further development leading to product updates in January and February 2016. Yubu has now reached 24 schools, with almost 6,000 student users and over 400 teacher users. These stakeholders have generated over 9,500 future ideas, discovered almost 16,000 qualities (e.g. “I am a leader) and over 10,000 motives (e.g. “I want to help people). Over 28,000 logins have been recorded and over 23,000 assignments completed!

The Yubu team have presented the project to 47 schools and at 2 educational conferences, where attendance was approximately 100 teachers responsible for SCO of their students. Presentations in 2015 were made across the Netherlands, in Leeuwarden, Alkmaar, Rotterdam for example. In 2016, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Maastricht are amongst the locations where presentations will be made.

Here are some photos from previous presentations, where teachers responsible for SCO are discovering the benefits of Yubu.

yubu1 yubu2 yubu3

To learn more about Yubu, you can visit the official website:

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