CHEST Online Crowd

CHEST Online Crowd


Analysis of the CHEST online crowd
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Online communities have been playing an increasingly important role in supporting grassroots initiatives in the area of social innovation and sustainability. It is crucial for almost all Digital Social Innovations to build a vibrant community. In collaboration with the CAPS-project CATALYST we were able to analyze the CHEST online crowd using the cutting-edge tool Edgesense.

Edgesense is a social network analytics tool augmenting online conversations (such as the commenting on and the voting of ideas on the CHEST platform for ideas) with network analytics aiming to foster collective intelligence processes. It allows network managers to take a step back from their networks and assess the overall structure of the interactions going on between the users of the community as well as the evolution of these interactions over time. Through Edgesense we were able assess the underlying structure of the CHEST online crowd and the relations between single members or groups as well as their communications (in form of comments and voting). It enables the identification of key members of the crowd which have the potential to act as important multipliers within the Social Innovation community.

The results of the analysis are available to all CHEST beneficiaries in order to support their community building activities. Please use the following link to access it:

CHEST online crowd analytics

Due to data protection issues, access to the results is restricted. If you have lost your username or password, please contact

For more information on Edgesense, please go to the official CATALYST tool site or watch the demo video: