Shop&Drop – “love to shop, care to drop”

The Shop&Drop digital platform makes sure that more (waste) products are collected for reuse and recycling, thereby enabling valuable natural resources to stay within the economic cycle. This is achieved by interlinking the purchase (shop) and disposal (drop) of consumer products and ensuring that this combination is of value for the consumer, manufacturer or retailer and the environment.

During recent months, the project team has completed the new architecture for the Shop&Drop rewards system that will be implemented the coming months and released a new version of the app that is based on user feedback.

The Shop&Drop app and website help consumers to separate all their household waste and disused products by giving them personal recycling advice such as where they can “drop” items, and by motivating and rewarding them. Simultaneously Shop&Drop serves as a loyalty platform for consumer brands (retailers and manufacturers), who can motivate their customers (of the on & offline variety) to separate their waste and through that generate new traffic & customer loyalty.

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The Shop&Drop community has been extended by weekly blogs on sustainable shopping and sustainable ‘dropping’ (separating your waste and disused products to enable reuse and recycling). These blogs are combined with small competitions to win sustainable products for those who share the blogs on social media.

Shop&Drop have also come to an agreement to set up a pilot with an international logistics partner, to strengthen the service offering by making it possible for people to ‘drop’ their waste and disused products with the delivery guy that brings them their online purchases. They have also met with interested parties from other European cities to discuss the potential of Shop&Drop in their cities.

The progress made has allowed Shop&Drop to expand its team to include 2 new members and hire 2 interns. They have also produced an updated business model and financial forecast, with assistance from the PWC Social Impact Lab – an initiative that Shop&Drop originally participated in and one which has also invested in Shop&Drop.

To find out more about Shop&Drop, you can visit the official website:

You can also connect with Shop&Drop on Twitter (@SHOPenDROP) and Facebook (/shopendrop).