Jourvie – the app for eating disorders therapy

Jourvie, a non-profit organisation founded by Ekaterina Karabasheva, has a vision of “simpler and easier treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, without inconvenient writing and piles of paper!” For this, the Jourvie team have created a specifically designed mobile app, which is discreet, practical and motivational. The app allows users to create a private food diary, which can be archived and securely sent to a therapist as required. It also enables users to access coping strategies, tips and tricks. Here are some photos (courtesy of Felix Strosetzki) demonstrating how Jourvie works to replace paper records:

Jourvie FS1 Jourvie FS3

Jourvie FS2

Since being a successful applicant to CHEST’s Call 3 program, Jourvie have completed iOS design and outline, alpha testing and beta testing. Jourvie has become a member of the Federal Association of Eating Disorders and established a collaboration with AOK Nordost. The planning of a clinical trial with the University Medical Center Mainz and the University Medical Center Charité in Berlin has also been completed.

Jourvie has been presented at the Eating Disorders Conference in Alpbach (Austria), at the summit of Summit of the Federal Association of Eating Disorders and the congress of the Federal Association Managed Care (both in Germany), and at GKV-Infotag. Jourvie will be further presented at the congress of the German Society for Eating Disorders (March 2016) and at the “eHealth for insurance funds” Conference (April 2016).

The impact of the innovation can be seen in the many awards, collaborations and publications that feature Jourvie. Most recently, this includes a nomination as one of 10 finalists for the Google Impact Challenge (in the “Lighthouse Project” category).

Jourvie has featured in several German publications, including Social Start-ups, Good Impact, and Vodafone’s blog on social innovation. Another example is the research magazine of pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which includes Jourvie winning the “Aspirin Sozialpreis” – Bayer’s Social Competition – earlier in 2015. Further coverage has been various print media, radio and TV in Bulgaria, such as, National radio, Nova TV, BTV and many others.

Several English language publications have reported Jourvie’s progress – BuzzFeed selected it as one 17 amazing apps for anyone recovering from an eating disorder. Libertarian Home also included Jourvie and there was a guest blog from Jourvie’s founder, Ekaterina Karabasheva, on Virgin Unite in January 2016. Ekaterina was also selected by Forbes as one of the “top 30 under 30” social entrepreneurs in Europe.

To learn more about Jourvie you can visit the official website:

You can also follow Jourvie on Twitter (@jourvie_app) or find them on Facebook (/jourvie)