ECSA Conference 2016 – Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy

The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) hosts the first international ECSA Conference, in Berlin, from 19th May 2016 – 21st May 2016:

Session 6 is “Citizen engagement and collective intelligence for participatory Digital Social Innovation: Opportunities and challenges for Citizen Science in solving everyday sustainability challenges”

This session is organised by the European Institute for Participatory Media (EIPCM) on behalf of CHEST. It will be chaired by Dr. Jasminko Novak (EIPCM) and Dr. Loretta Anania (European Commission’s CNECT Net Innovation Unit and CAPS Programme Officer).

Topics to be discussed in this session include (but are not limited to) experiences and lessons learned in engaging citizens as “Citizen Science Co-Designers” in projects addressing societal challenges, such as:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Traffic management
  • Urban planning
  • Public health and personal well-being
  • Smart cities
  • Open democracy
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Open Innovation

The key question here is how to successfully involve citizens as co-designers and co-researchers? How to stimulate and sustain citizen engagement over time? How to design such participatory science and innovation processes in a practical and methodologically sound way?

We invite you to submit an abstract for Session 6 before the deadline of Monday 22nd February. For more information on how to submit an abstract please contact Mathias Becker at EIPCM, or visit the ECSA’s website:

For further details on the sessions: