CHEST at the ECSA 1st International Conference – Participants

This week, CHEST will be at the 1st International Conference of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA), at the Kulturbrauerei venue, in Berlin. CHEST will be represented by EIPCM – Prof. Dr. Jasminko Novak will chair Session 6 on Friday 20th May at 14:00 (CET).

Session 6

Citizen engagement and collective intelligence for participatory Digital Social Innovation: Opportunities and challenges for Citizen Science in solving everyday sustainability challenges.


  1. Engaging citizens in long-term data-collection activities: the role of Science Cafés.

Walter Nunziati magenta srl, Italy; Franco Bagnoli University of Florence, Italy; Fabrizio Dini magenta srl, Italy; Giovanna Pacini University of Florence, Italy.

Magenta are responsible for the development of CHEST Call 2 winning project Traffic Flow. For more information on this project, you can visit their website:

  1. Youth Woodsmoke Photovoice: Participatory Action Research and Environmental Justice. Robin Evans-Agnew; Alex Gipe University of Washington, USA; Justin Miller-Schulze California State University, USA.
  1. The Grow Observatory: Collective intelligence and participatory citizen science for growing for food and sustainable land use.

Drew Hemment; Mel Woods University of Dundee, UK; Rasti Skalsky International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Germany; Carlo Buontempo MET Office, UK; Roy Neilson The James Hutton Institute, UK; Moeen Khawaja Umbrellium, UK; Pavlos Georgiadis Culture Polis, Greece; Lucrezia Caon Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy; Angelika Xaver Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Naomi van der Velden Permaculture, UK; Andy Cobley; Nick Taylor University of Dundee, UK; Selena Georgiou Growers Nation, UK; Antonio Mollfulleda; Tom Knippers Starlab; Jerome Bouvard Parrot, France; John Rowan University of Dundee, UK; Tomas Diez Smart Citizen – IAAC, Spain; Endre Dobos University of Miskolc, Hungary; Blair McKenzie The James Hutton Institute, UK; Matt Locke Storythings, UK; Wolfgang Wagner Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Ronald Vargas Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy; Oliver Moore Agricultural and Rural Convention, UK; Tom Rowlands Future Everything CIC, UK; Scott Poynton TFT, UK.

  1. Policy recommendations for collective approaches to digital social innovation for mobility. Mireia Ferri Sanz; Estrella Durá Ferrandis; Maite Ferrando García University of Valencia, Spain; Fini García Ros Elche City Council, Spain; Karsten Gareis empirica, Germany.

The session will be held in the Lecture Hall Palais Atelier I. CHEST and EIPCM look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

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