CHEST Call 3 project updates

SchulePLUS, a German SME, were selected for CHEST Call 3 funding to build an innovative matching platform for schools and their external partners ,that helps students to identify their own strengths and select internships accordingly, by developing a mobile web-app that provides users with a range of scenarios and the ability to take a test of their interests and skills. The social impact includes encouraging students to take greater involvement in education and career matters by giving them a clearer view on the realities of the job-market and the ability to make more informed decisions. SchulePLUS were finalists in the Google Impact Challenge’s “Local Projects” category and the project has featured in German newspaper and radio.

BeInvolved, an SME from the Netherlands, received CHEST Call 3 funding for the “Yubu” project, developing a prototype for a web-based serious gaming platform to provide support to high school students in Study and Career Orientation (SCO). This guides students through SCO from the start of the first year to their final exams by using a 3-stage approach (engage, motivate, activate) to help them identify their mastery, discover their interests and talents. Yubu’s improved student-study matches could generate better results for students and teachers, with significant savings for society as incorrect study choices cost around €9,000 each. Yubu has been presented to over 40 schools and the subject of guest lectures and workshops at conferences.

Dutch ICT specialist SME Bossers & Cnossen have used CHEST Call 3 funding to develop a concept prototype of their “Personal Health Record (PHR) for Self-Management by Elderly”. This was undertaken in close cooperation with the target group – approximately 2,000 elderly people – in the city of Emmen. This client driven approach is an innovative and disruptive way of looking to the way electronic health records (EHRs) should be designed, as the PHR gives the elderly management and ownership of personal health data but without duplicating or replacing necessary EHRs. Further testing and enhancement to the PHR are being discussed through collaborations with other projects.

Open Knowledge Belgium, a non-profit organisation and chapter of the global Open Knowledge Foundation, was selected for CHEST Call 3 funding to develop “W4P”, which is an innovative crowdsourcing platform that is open source and enables people to ask not just for project funding, but also for volunteers, coaches and/or materials. The prototype was designed, built and then tested in 2 pilots, which featured in a combination of newspaper articles, a TV programme, a blog and a promotional video. One of these pilots was such a success that it received more than was asked for during its time on the W4P platform. The project was also presented at NetFutures and held a summer launch event in Belgium.