CHEST Call 3 project updates

Macroom-e, an Irish community enterprise focused initiative, received CHEST Call 3 funding for the “SourceIT” project, which is an innovative digital solution incorporating GIS tools to support existing and new enterprises, both social and commercial, which have a specific focus on the reuse and recycling of materials, in locating unwanted resources/waste materials. SourceIT allows these organisations to geographically locate materials/waste, to share data and to collaborate, with the aim of increasing the levels of reuse and recycling of materials/waste. The solution has been tested for mattresses at a regional level (ahead of a national launch later in 2016) and it was nominated as a finalist in the THINKTECH competition.

Kidslox, a UK based SME, have used CHEST Call 3 funding to develop an iOS version and redevelop the Android version of their apps, which give parents and carers automated and remote control over the time children spend with devices and the activities they engage in, whilst providing a disciplined framework for children to embrace the benefits of technological innovation. This will result in more time doing exercise and earlier sleep times, which makes children healthier and more able to engage with their schoolwork and their relationships with family and friends. Kidslox has been featured by parenting experts on TV, in blogs and in a book. The website is available in 7 different languages.

Italian start-up beMINT, a technology design consultancy, won CHEST Call 3 funding for their “AdviSex” project, which aimed to provide a complete resource supporting sexual health and prevention, enabling users to access this in a private and secure way and to overcome shame during the doctor-patient first contact. The platform prototype has been developed and then tested with a group of end-users and specialists. AdviSex is expected to deliver an increase in users’ wellbeing and an improvement of attitudes on sexual health. beMINT has presented it at BIAT Innovation and High Technology Lab and the Myllenium awards.

Jourvie, a German non-profit organisation, received CHEST Call 3 funding to develop their self-titled smartphone app to support people with eating disorders by providing the tools they need during recovery and help them communicate more efficiently with their therapist. The app has successfully been developed and tested for iOS and is available from the Apple Store in English, German and Bulgarian. Jourvie has been promoted at many events, such as Health Week Berlin, as well as being featured in a range of publications, including Buzzfeed and Virgin Unite. Jourvie was also nominated as 1 of 10 finalists in the “Lighthouse Projects” of the Google Impact Challenge.

BMS Home, a UK based SME, have used CHEST Call 3 funding to develop and test their proof of concept collaborative demonstrator of their User Centric Energy Management for Social Housing system, which allows social housing residents to express their energy management preferences through the use of digital devices in their homes and adaptive software to give the optimum efficiency/cost and user comfort/convenience. This solution addresses social needs such as the reduction of fuel poverty, lowering energy consumption and its associated emissions and empowering the elderly and vulnerable to manage their environment.

Transformap, an initiative from German and Austrian SME’s Get Active and Ecobytes, was selected for CHEST Call 3 funding for its potential to advance transformative social innovation by tackling the challenges posed by current mapping environments and the barriers preventing the sharing of data and knowledge. TransforMap does by networking the networks; collaboratively mapping assets and initiatives to make communities smarter and more self-confident by showing what is “already there” through a set of tools and standards for free and open crowd mapping. This is supported by the Transformap forum and it has been presented in a number of workshops at events such as Solikon 2015 (mentioned in keynote speech), World Social Forum 2016 and Degrowth Conference 2016.

Medhance, a micro start-up from the UK, was selected CHEST Call 3 funding to develop an innovative platform using academic best practice to educate patients and carers, plus help them retain that knowledge. The Medhance platform has been successfully developed with content in a variety of forms (such as skills photos and videos) and the prototype has been tested with healthcare professionals and patients. The direct impact that Medhance aims for is enabling users to either administer their regular medication or acute medication correctly, which could reduce the need for GP and hospital visits.