Fantastic response to Calls 1 and 2

The CHEST partners are pleased to report a significant response to both Calls 1 and 2 which closed on the 31st May 2014. In total 215 ideas were submitted for Call 1 and 106 applications for Call 2.

The crowd evaluation process for Call 1 will remain open until the 30th June, so please continue to vote for your favourite ideas using the CHEST Platform (

Applications submitted to Call 2 will now be evaluated by independent assessors appointed by the CHEST Partners, with a notification of decision from the 31st July.

Both new applicants and indeed applicants unsuccessful at Call 2, will still have the opportunity to submit applications for support with the potential to receive up to €60.000 under Call 3, which opens on the 31st July 2014. We also invite further applications for those individuals supported under Call 1 to help turn their novel ideas into a prototype.