CHEST Call 3 projects in the Google Impact Challenge!

Jourvie and SchulePLUS, 2 of CHEST’s Call 3 winners, have made it to the final of the Google Impact Challenge.

Jourvie has a vision of “simpler and easier treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating”, which they are helping people to achieve through the development of a dedicated mobile app that provides practical advice and the ability to keep a discreet log as part of an individual’s treatment.

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SchulePLUS provide an innovative matching platform for schools and their external partners. The external stakeholders can make their offers to schools, teachers can find the offers that are best for their needs and students can find the internships that they really want. They are programming an app that helps pupils to better understand and evaluate their talents and interests.

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Voting is open and there is less than one week left until the deadline: midnight on 24/02/2016

All votes and support are much appreciated. Please vote and share this news.